How can I ever :D

get it together ;)

vad händer? det kittlar lite skönt i magen. solen lyser när man slår upp ögonen på morgonen.
ögonen liksom lyser .
en timmes joggingtur i morse var underbart, det blåste lite kallt men solen var väl värd det.

And now that it's all over
The birds can nest again
I'll only snow when the sun comes out
I'll shine only when it starts to rain

And if you want a drink
Just squeeze my hand
And wine will flow into the land
And feed my lambs

For I am a mirror
I can reflect the moon
I will write songs for you
I'll be your silver spoon

I'm sorry I took your time
I am the poem that doesn't rhyme
Just turn back a page
I'll waste away, I'll waste away


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